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Water, it’s essential for the growth of all things living!

What sort of water is best to drink? Bottled, Tap, filtered? There are many options.

Water is required for our cells to regenerate, for our bodies to detox, and in general keeps us hydrated and alive.

However, which water is best to drink?
Bottled? Well, basically there is nothing good left in bottled water (as it has been processed), and depending on how long the water has sat around in the bottle for, you are most likely drinking some plastic too! Not great for anyones hormones!

Tap water? Well, No! It has nasty chemicals Chlorine & Fluoride in it. Yes, I’m all for having clean drinking water, but maybe get a filter to filter out the nasties (you know that stuff they put in pools to kills bugs called Chlorine….yes, you are drinking that, and that is killing your good bugs, and having a negative effect on your liver!).
Fluoride on the other hand, goodness me. The research is quite scary, and if you look at what it can do to your body (mainly hormones), then you will probably be out purchasing a filter tomorrow. Fluoride is an endocrine disruptor that can affect your bones, brain, thyroid gland & pineal gland. (it calcifies the pineal gland, which then stops you from producing Melatonin, which then throws your sleep out of rhythm)

Filtered water? There are so many options, however a Brita water filter from the supermarket, doesn’t quite cut it. You are best to have a filter jug/tap/bench top that filters out Chlorine and Fluoride. There are so many options to be drinking clean and healthy water.

If you would like more information on water and how important it is, or what filter options are out there, please email or call me.

It’s such lovely weather to be drinking those yummy cups of herbal tea, however, please note, boiling FLUORIDE, makes the Fluoride become more concentrated!

Happy Hydrating & well wishes,