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Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo?

Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, What way of eating does Flow Nutritionist follow?

For some reason, people assume I’ve vegetarian? I often ask people why they think this, and the common answer “because your all healthy and stuff!”

So, does it meant that because I eat meat and eggs, that I instantly become unhealthy?
No, not for me.  A few reason’s why? I eat small amounts of really good quality meat, mainly chicken, Salmon, and a little steak every now and again. I drink bone broth at least a few times a week, and eggs, I love eggs. Especially from the gorgeous free range, grass feed, (avocado/sunflower seed/berries/mealworms/broccoli feed), chooks I’m minding at the moment. So, getting the picture here I guess, you all think I’m Paleo?

I believe each person eats a certain way for many different reasons. For me, I function very well on small amounts of good quality meats, and loads (I mean LOADS) of spray free/organic/biodynamic vegetables, and limited grains and starches. A few years back, I’d eat this way, and feel energised and I would also drop a couple of kilograms (something that I struggles with for years – weight loss, another story). Then, I read about the blood type diet. The O group does particularly well on meat and vegetables. This is me!

If I had to fit into a category, I would mostly fit into the Paleo category. However, I am not following any particular “diet”. In fact, I really have an aversion to the word “diet”, so I will never be following a “diet”, rather, and way of eating for my body! My way of eating is a Wholefood way of eating that is mainly Organic/Biodynamic.

Why Organic/Biodynamic?
I want to limit the amount of toxins that I ingest. And by eating this way, I am doing my best to help eliminate toxins.
I feel there is a lot more love that goes into Organic/Biodynamic produced food, which has a higher energetic value, so therefore does more wonders for my body.

It’s an ethical choice, a choice that gives something back to the earth, rather than ruining it, and stripping the soils of their goodness.
The Fresher you can get your produce, organic or not, the better! The produce will have more Nutrients and Minerals, and will taste yummier.

I support farmers and retailers that really care about their produce, and what they sell. I feel connected to people who see the world this way. I would much prefer to pay a local farmer, that has just pulled a carrot from the earth, and sold it to me, than a massive supermarket, that has had the produce in cold storage for however long, with little energetic value left.
Supporting local markets/producers, is just like supporting the local plumber or electrician, rather than supporting some massive company that is wiping out these small family ran business’.

So, I eat Vegan foods! Coconut yoghurt and Ice cream, vegan dips (because I don’t enjoy the dairy non-vegan dips), fruit, vegetables, and so on. I eat vegetarian meals sometimes, and sometimes I eat meat. Mostly, I don’t eat many grains (curry is loaded with vegetables, rather than rice). I limit my dairy intake, as I don’t require it (except for a dash in my piccolo latte), and ALWAYS, I at simple, clean and as fresh as possible! Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Whole foods?

I want to eat the right nutrition for me, for my body, and if there has to be a name for it, I am a Whole food/non-processed food dieter/eater/lover, whatever you want to call it. Oh, I don’t actually have sugar in my pantry, I have maple syrup or honey instead, and my food still tastes delicious!

I love animals and plants. They are both amazing living things. If you cherish what you eat, and how it came to your plate, and your conscious is happy, go you!

Well wishes,
Jo – Flow Nutritionist.