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Flow Nutritionist Torquay & Warrnambool

A little more about Flow Nutritionist – Torquay & Warrnambool!

My journey to becoming Flow Nutritionist Torquay & Warrnambool, started about 7years ago. I was fed up with conventional medicine, and being told that there is nothing wrong with me. I would go to the Dr, with a tummy that looked about 6 months pregnant (I was not pregnant, I was so bloated). I was tired, cranky, couldn’t think straight, My moods were low, and I thought, “There has to be more to life that feeling like crap every day!” So, I walked out the Dr’s, looking pregnant, in tears, in pain, with no answers as to why I felt and looked so terrible! My Mum pushed me to spend, just a bit more money, as a last resort. I went to a Natural Health Practitioner...