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What the “Power of Positive Food” stands for?

Power of Positive Food! What does it mean and how did the saying come about? Well, if you run, walk, cycle swim, paddle, do yoga, row; what ever activity you do, it all requires a certain amount of FLOW.

Flow to keep momentum to have a good session, time and time again. Working to perfect your Flow, always trying to perfect your activity.
A Powerful Positive pedal stroke to climb a punchy hill, a powerful positive paddle stroke to glide through the water with ease. They are all Power and Positive work towards an end result.

For me, I used to try and carb load with pasta or rice, days leading up to a Mountain Bike race. Some of these races, I didn’t even start, as I felt so full, sluggish and tired, that I could not function, let alone have energy to pedal up a hill. This was not the “Power of Positive Food” for me. This was negative food for me. My “Power of Positive Food” is, lean meat, good quality fats, and heaps of vegetables. (plus hydration).

The saying came about whilst I was racing a 6hr Mt bike race. I was talking myself through a tough section of trail, that zapped my legs. I was talking myself through this section; “come on, power of positive pedalling, make every stroke count, gain power, conserve energy!” I often talk myself through sections of trails, making sure I give it my best. Just like eating. Giving my body the best, to have power and get through each day with Flow. This is where the “Power of Positive Food” came from. Positive pedal strokes give you a positive result, exactly the same as Positive food, positive result!

Each person is unique, and what is positive foods for me, may not be positive foods for you! But, once you find what is the Positive for your body, you will be amazed at how good the “Power of Positive Food” is!