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What is Nutritional Medicine

Flow Nutritionist Consultations

A Nutritionist is passionate about what is going into our bodies.

Health and wellbeing are affected by multiple external and internal factors, some of which lead to functional disorders and chronic disease. The role of the Nutritional Medicine practitioner is to iden-tify the cause of dysfunction, educate clients, develop specified treatment and prevention plans, and give clients the tools they require, to re-establish and maintain wellbeing.

Looking at Micro and Macro Nutrients, we customise a treatment plan just for you, to ensure you are getting what your body requires, from foods. If there is a need for supplementation, this will also be added into your treatment plan, however, Nutritional Medicine Practitioners always work with food first.

What we can help with


   Digestion – Get the most out of your food.

   Mood & Stress – You don’t have to feel tired and wired all the time.

   Diabetes – Take control of your ups and downs with food.

   Immune health – Stop being the one that “always catches a cold”.

   Womens Health – Balancing weight & Hormones with Food. YES!

   Mens Health – Gout, Hormone issues, lack of Zazing, weight management.

   Childrens Health – Give your child the healthiest possible life they can have.

   Cardiovascular Health – Dr’s telling you to take pills, we can help reduce cardiovascular health problems naturally!

What we do


A full overview of your health, through a food diary and many questions about how your body is functioning. We want to know about your sleep, moods, stress, happiness, bowel movements and anything that is relevant to your health and wellbeing.

We may want to look at your tongue, your nails, palms, any skin rashes/bumps.

From here, a comprehensive tailored plan specifically for you will be emailed, for your long term wellness goals.

If there needs to be further investigation, you may be required to have blood tests. If you have recent blood test results, please bring a print out to your consult.

Happy Clients

I was concerned about my 6 y old daughter who had many symptoms that I wasn't happy about and that weren't normal for her. She was almost ALWAYS coughing and was clogged up in her nose/ears with mucous and had several ear infections in a row. 5-6 months later, and my daughter is back to her happy self. Jo is knowledgeable in helping parents to adapt a recipe to suit the ever fussy palate of a young child! Also, Jo is so easy to learn from as she explains complex concepts in a simplified way so you understand how and why your body is reacting the way it is!


Flow Nutritionist has helped me do something I have never been able to do......(I am 69years of age!) Loose weight naturally! And lower my Thyroid medication. I have been seeing Jo for a few months, and the results are amazing. I never thought feeling better, would be as simple as eating the right food for me (and not dieting!)


I initially came to see Jo due to some recurring tendonitis I was experiencing. Jo has helped me immensely with this problem, as well as assisting me with my general health, immune care and daily eating habits. She has been a pleasure to deal with, promptly answering all my questions and going above and beyond. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.


I approached Flow Nutritionist after 18 months of experiencing bloating, pain, gas and general discomfort in my gut. Jo helped me with meal plans and set me on the right track towards a stronger and healthier gut. My health has improved out of sight and I've never felt better.