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What FLOW NUTRITIONIST is all about!

Jo Hand

Nutritionist Anglesea, Surf Coast to Lorne

I’m Jo, Flow Nutritionist, a qualified Practitioner of Nutritional Medicine, practicing in Anglesea and the Surf Coast.

I love being out in nature! I ride bikes as exercise and meditation. I love food, I love having energy, and I love life!
I’ve been in a place where I thought all of the above was such an effort. Feeling sluggish and flat, day in, day out! Bloated GUT, low immune function, mood swings (I may still have a few of these every now and again, I am human), food cravings, eating the wrong foods (or pretend foods) for my body, and not having enough energy to enjoy life like I do now!

My journey to becoming Flow Nutritionist, started about 10years ago. I was seeing a Natural Medicine practitioner who was helping me to get back on track. But, I was always asking the “how and why” things worked or didn’t work. I wanted more knowledge. I wanted to know why I had Gallstones? Not just how to get rid of them naturally! I wanted to know why I always felt so bloated and tired after training? Whilst other people felt fine. Why, How, Where and When did this all unfold! I wanted to have more knowledge.

So, here I am, Flow Nutritionist Anglesea & the Surf Coast, spanning as far as Lorne. I am here to help you get your Flow back, with the Power of Positive Food. What foods are having positive effect in Your body, and what foods may not be having a positive effect in your body.

My mission is to guide clients, to create a healthy and happy life, for Life!

With my continual research, and keeping up to date with new studies, I will provide the best possible service for my clients.

Flow Nutritionist, here to help you get your Flow back, with the Power of Positive Food!

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